Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to be safe when studying abroad

How to be safe when studying abroad

Students traveling to a foreign country should learn how to protect themselves from dangers that may arise. There are some tips that can help students to be safe when studying abroad .Some of these tips include: students should make at least 3 copies of their documents before leaving for study abroad, they should get phone numbers and addresses of their home countries embassies before their arrival in the foreign country, they should avoid behaving like tourists thus they will be able to  avoid making
themselves an attractive target, they should avoid traveling at night, they should avoid  riots incidents, they should keep their travel plans secret, they should check to see that tap water is safe since the tap water may be treated with many different chemicals that can make them ill after drinking, they should make sure that the cap is attached to its ring when buying water from a vendor in the streets, they should be careful with sexual encounters, they should keep their personal information private, they should learn how to safeguard their rooms, they should be polite, they should avoid placing their documents in the same place, they should be alert when using public vehicles, they should not fight back if mugged and they should avoid hitch hiker.

Students should make at least 3 copies of credit cards, driving license, passport, ticket and travel itinerary thus it will be easier to recover if in case the documents are stolen or lost. Copies of the documents should be kept safe and in different locations. They should register with consultants online before traveling. This will make it easier for consultants to offer assistance if military conflict or natural disaster arises by contacting your home countries embassy. Students studying abroad should avoid behaving like tourists. This can be achieved by avoiding wearing expensive or excessive jewelries and white pair of sneakers since it will attract the attention of many.

Students studying abroad should be careful with sexual encounters since sexual transmitted diseases are more common in all cities. Students should keep their personal information secret by avoiding writing their room numbers on their keys envelop and by saying their room numbers loud. Students should safeguard their rooms by asking for a room which is far from the elevator since rooms near the elevator tend to get lobbed quite often. Students studying abroad should put a rubber door wedge under the door during the night in order to safeguard themselves.

They should be polite since politeness will draw less or no attention through their behavior. Students should highly avoid placing their cash, credit cards, passport and ID cards. Credit cards and cash should be kept separately thus minimizing the risk of having them lost or stolen at once.

Students should be alert when using public transport and unlicensed taxis they should also be alert to any changes in the rules of the road if driving. Students should never give out their passports to a hotel clerk unless the law of that country requires the hotels staff members to hold the passports of their guests.

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